The Pensack Sports Management Group is committed to providing a select group of professional basketball players with exceptional personalized representation, contract negotiation, and career management. This personal approach maximizes each client’s marketability and ensures long-term financial security for each client and his family. The founders of Pensack Sports exhibit PASSION in their work every day, approach every challenge with a sense of PURPOSE, and take great PRIDE in the quality of work put forth for the benefit of their clients.

Pensack Sports is one of only a small number of basketball agencies that has represented multiple NBA first round picks over the last few years and we also represent some of the best undrafted players in the NBA today.  In addition to a talented base of NBA clientele, Pensack Sports also represents some of the very best and highest level players worldwide. At Pensack Sports we work relentlessly to assist, guide, and counsel our clients to enable each and every one to reach their maximum potential and to achieve all of their goals and dreams.