For each draft-eligible client, Pensack Sports creates industry-leading personalized marketing packages that are delivered to front office personnel from every NBA team. These comprehensive packages help set Pensack Sports’ clients apart from other players and have led to measurable results in terms of obtaining NBA team pre-draft workouts, procuring invitations to NBA pre-draft camps, and improving a player’s draft position.


Pensack Sports partners with some of the most reputable names in the industry to provide world-class, personalized pre-draft training programs to its clients. Such programs typically include strength and conditioning work, skill development, nutrition programs, video evaluation and competitive game competition against other draft-eligible players. Each program is tailored to the individual client with the sole goal of maximizing the client's draft stock.


Pensack Sports maintains a database of all rookie contracts signed during the past five years. Immediately following the draft Pensack Sports will analyze a player's possible contract value based on what position he was drafted in and the value of contracts signed in previous years by players drafted in a similar position. Pensack Sports then begins the process of negotiating for the best possible contract that exceeds the value of contracts signed by players in a similar draft position in previous years.

If the client is not drafted, Pensack Sports conducts a thorough analysis of NBA team rosters and uses its strong relationships with NBA front office personnel to obtain NBA summer league and/or other free agent camp invitations for the client.