The agents at Pensack Sports have more than 25 years of experience negotiating contracts and have a thorough understanding of the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement. Pensack Sports also maintains a detailed database of all player contracts held by each team in the NBA. This knowledge gives Pensack Sports a leg up when entering contract negotiations and ensures that Pensack Sports’ clients always get full market value or better.

The Company takes a similar approach to its contract negotiations with international teams, which is one of the primary reasons Pensack Sports has negotiated dozens of very lucrative contracts in all of the top international leagues in the world including Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Turkey and France, among others. Agents at Pensack sports know the global marketplace as well as anyone and know what negotiating strategies work in each market which puts Pensack Sports’ clients at a distinct advantage during contract negotiations. There is a reason many of Pensack Sports' clients are amongst the highest paid players in Europe.