Pensack Sports takes a unique approach to client marketing and provides industry-leading marketing packages for every client. These packages have helped increase contract and endorsement offers for our clients. Teams and marketing partners (e.g. shoe companies) have often been impressed by relevant information about a player's accomplishments on and off the court detailed in these unique packages. Pensack Sports incorporates three strategies in designing these personalized marketing packages that produces measurable results for each of its clients:

1. Use of Words – Pensack Sports designs professional grade player resumes and sends them to personnel from every team in the NBA and throughout every top league in the world. Pensack Sports also regularly obtains interview opportunities for our clients with national media outlets. 

2. Use of Images
 – Pensack Sports creates high-quality highlight videos for each client and posts them online so they are accessible to NBA personnel.

3. Use of Numbers
 – Pensack Sports is an industry leader in statistical analysis and uses numbers to truly differentiate its clients from other players. The Company’s work in this area has garnered compliments from its clients, as well as scouts, coaches, and GM’s from the NBA and top leagues around the world.Additionally, Pensack Sports is always looking for creative opportunities for its clients to build their brand and increase revenue away from the court. Primary areas of focus are:

blue arrow Shoe Company Deals
blue arrow Other Product Endorsement Deals
blue arrow Promotional Appearances
blue arrow TV and Movie Deals
blue arrow Autograph Sessions
blue arrow Speaking Engagements