Lamar Patterson
Current member of the Sacramento Kings / Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks

Pensack Sports has to be easily one of the top agencies in the business. They go above and beyond for their players and make sure their players are comfortable in whatever situation they're in. I've heard many stories about other players and their agents (who are not part of the Pensack Sports group) and it's comforting to know I can call my agents at anytime of the day and get an answer.

Chet Kammerer
Vice President of Player Personnel / Miami Heat

The Pensack brothers are as hard working and relentless as any sports management group. You can count on them to keep teams posted with stats and updates regarding their players. They will work for you.

Chad Buchanan
General Manager / Indiana Pacers

I have tremendous respect for Adam and Ben - they both go to bat for their clients and work extremely hard.

Travis Schlenk
General Manager / Atlanta Hawks

Pensack Sports works hard for its clients.

Colton Iverson
Drafted by the Boston Celtics

Pensack Sports Management goes above and beyond what is expected from sports agents. There is nobody that works as hard and consistently for you every day with the passion they have for this profession. They have been by my side since signing a week after my college season, getting me 17 NBA workouts and being drafted by the Celtics. No matter what, they will always be there for you 24 hours a day. It is a family bond with Pensack Sports.

Kaniel Dickens
Drafted by the Utah Jazz / Played for the Trail Blazers, Nets, Clippers, and Cavaliers

Pensack Sports has been with me since the beginning. From helping me obtain a dozen pre-draft workouts to getting drafted by the Jazz to playing in the NBA and in some great leagues in Europe. They've always been there when I've needed them and I’ve always felt a strong bond with them.

Jack Cooley
All-American at Notre Dame / Signed with the Utah Jazz

Pensack Sports means a lot to me. I really couldn't ask for a better agency and I don't believe one exists. Ben and Adam go above and beyond for me on a daily basis. They helped me obtain workouts with half of the teams in the NBA and they helped me to sign with the Utah Jazz. It is very obvious that Ben and Adam genuinely care about me and are very good at what they do.

Jack Cooley, Sr.
Father of Jack Cooley

We made a good choice with Pensack Sports. It is refreshing to know that Jack's agency cares as much about his career as we do. From the beginning, they helped Jack to get the best possible opportunities in the NBA and overseas. Adam is involved every day and I have complete confidence that he will always strive to do what's best for my son.

Ronald Roberts
Current member of the Toronto Raptors / Played previously for the Philadelphia 76ers

I honestly believe choosing the Pensack Sports Management Group was one of the better decisions I made in my entire life. Both Adam and Ben work extremely hard to make sure that I am achieving my dreams. It's amazing how they put in countless hours of work and how informed they keep me everyday. It's more than just basketball with these guys, which goes a long way. They make sure I have whatever I need to succeed.

Nick Collison
NBA lottery pick/Played entire 13-year NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder

Mike Higgins has been with me since I left college in 2003. He has always been honest with me and has always worked for what is in my best interest as his client. Mike has been doing this a long time. He understands the business and has the respect of every team in the league. He has always told me what I've needed to hear, not what I've wanted to hear. These last 14 years Mike has been a negotiator, advisor, mentor, and friend of mine, and has helped me build a career I'm very proud of.